After Haridwar Hate Speech, Cops Say No To Religious Conclave In Roorkee

Uttarakhand police came under huge criticism after the Haridwar event, given the lack of prompt action

New Delhi:

A right wing group’s request for a religious gathering at Roorkee has met with a firm no from the Uttarakhand police, singed by the huge controversy over hate speeches at several such events, including the one at Haridwar in December. The police have taken prompt precautionary measures — including the imposition of prohibitory orders banning large gatherings and flooding the area with police personnel.

The police have also registered a First Information Report against the organisers, citing the Supreme Court orders to the state government to ensure that no further hate speeches are given.

The right wing group had sought permission for a religious conclave in Roorkee on Wednesday, setting off alarm bells in the police department.

Yogesh Rawat, a senior police officer from the area, said, “Around 200 constables and head constables have been deputed in the area. More than 100 Inspectors and Sub Inspectors are also there. Besides, we have deputed five companies of PAC (Provincial Armed Constabulary)”.

“The Supreme Court is looking into the whole thing so we cannot afford to lenient… everything will be done by the book,” he added.

The Supreme Court, which is hearing a petition about the hate speeches at the events in Haridwar and Delhi’s Burari, has asked the police for a status report on the matter.

The petition mentioned that speakers at the event in Haridwar — organised by Yati Narsinghanand — gave open calls for “genocide” of Muslims. Similar demands were made at an event in Delhi’s Burari, organised by the right wing group Hindu Yuva Vahini, the petition said.

The Uttarakhand police came under huge criticism after the Haridwar event, given the lack of prompt action.

The petition in the Supreme Court said “no effective steps have been taken by the Police authorities”. The police, it said, had filed two FIRs against 10 people and the charges were not comprehensive.

The first arrest was made nearly a month after the event, after the top court’s intervention.

Shortly after the event,  a video had surfaced where the hatemongers who gave open calls for genocide, laughing with a police officer, who they said will be “on our side”, which had also drawn much criticism against the state police.

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